Platinum H

The new frontier of the SIGMA 4 front end loaders, the latest achievement combining top performances, advanced technology and greatest power, together with fully-accessorised equipment for daily professional use. 

This loader series has merged a harmonious and agreeable design to the force necessary to perform the heaviest duties of the agricultural work. 

The Platinum loaders are supplied as standard with the anti-bounce GENIUS SYSTEM and with the hydraulic multi-connector device FLASH SYSTEM.

The accessories fitted on the loader boom such as the GENIUS SYSTEM and the electro-valves for the 3rd and 4th hydraulic functions are also protected thanks to their placement on the cross bar, which safeguards them from possible damages and wearing agents.

BOOM SECTION The boom section is mono-bloc, that is consisting of a single metal sheet duly bent and welded only in the lower area to form a solid structure which is robust and “light” at the same time, as well as nicely finished.

FULLY INTEGRATED HOSES AND CABLES The new design with internal routing of hydraulic hoses and cables assures full protection to these components as well as enhanced visibility for the operator. The accumulation of dirt and residue on the pipes is prevented , but at the same time full accessibility is guaranteed to facilitate maintenance.

  • Front loader with mechanical implement self-levelling system

  • Fitting brackets supporting loader from tractor front end to rear axle shafts

  • Hydraulic system conforming to tractor specifications

Standard equipment

  • Two double acting cylinders for lifting

  • Two double acting cylinders for the operation of the implement

  • Quick-release of loader from tractor VELOTAK

  • Implement quick release EURO

  • Adjustable support legs

  • Bucket level gauge

  • Anti-bounce GENIUS SYSTEM

  • Hydraulic multi-connector FLASH SYSTEM

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