Our IRON front end loader range, completely updated in design and performance, are exceptionally reliable machines due to the latest solutions adopted, and are extremely competitively priced within this market segment.


In NZ standard features to the IRON series are the anti-bounce GENIUS SYSTEM and the hydraulic multi-connector device FLASH SYSTEM.


By replacing the iron pipes with flexible pipes, it has been possible to partially integrate the hydraulics on the inside of the boom, thus providing enhanced protection, better visibility and reduced dirt accumulation. A rugged sheath covering the pipes is also supplied, both for looks and safety.


For the IRON series, the section of the boom is formed by an integral metal plate in the outer area and a C profile in the inner area, an ideal solution in terms of great strength and overall lightness.

Front loader with manual implement levelling

  • Fitting brackets supporting loader from tractor front end to rear axle shafts

  • Hydraulic system conforming to tractor specifications

Standard equipment

  • Two double acting cylinders for lifting

  • Two double acting cylinders for the operation of the implement

  • Quick-release of loader from tractor VELOTAK

  • Implement quick release EURO

  • Hydraulic quick-fit couplings

  • Adjustable support legs

  • Bucket level gauge

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